The TigerFace Show

Thu 09 May • 7.30pm • Full £10 Concs £7 • Professional Theatre

JTC & CO Presents…

Wild. Wacky. Wonderful. What did you want to be when you grew up?

Thrown headfirst into a colour-filled world of puppets, balloons and poopy-loops, TigerFace tries to keep his adult cynicism at bay whilst recreating the last ever episode of his favourite childhood TV show with pals The Dream Maker, and Fast Hands (the jungles very own BSL interpreter).

Descending into absurdism, the performance quickly unfurls into an audience-responsive, ragged-scream party-piece, 1-part misery to 2-parts joy. Plus, all audience members will receive FREE Piña Colada!*

A joyful, yet melancholic comedy, The Tigerface Show asks us to rethink what it was we wanted to be when we grew up, in hopes of finding some childlike happiness in adulthood!

*There is no free Piña Colada, sorry…

Aged 16+, includes mature themes including mental health, alcohol, swearing etc

Please note that there is a theatre restoration levy of £1.50 per ticket. This levy applies to all transactions, whether made in person at our Box Office, by post or by phone, for all payment types. Telephone bookings incur an additional booking fee per transaction

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