And Then They Came For Me

Fri 22 & Sat 23 Nov • 7:30pm • Full £16 Concs £14 • Professional Theatre

And Then They Came for Me is a unique experience…a multimedia play that combines videotaped interviews with Holocaust survivors Eva Schloss and Ed Silverberg with live actors recreating scenes from their lives as teenagers during WW ll.
Ed was Anne Frank’s first boyfriend. Eva was the same age and lived across from Anne in Amsterdam until she and her family were arrested by the Nazis and sent to concentration camps. More than 1.25 million people were killed in Auschwitz-Birkenau where Eva and her family were sent.
Part oral history, part drama action, part remembrance, this play by James Still brings to life what happened after The Diary of Anne Frank ends. The ensemble-driven play breaks new ground and has been acclaimed by audiences and critics in world-wide productions.

“After the war, people said it would never happen again, and people didn’t want to talk about it—it was something that happened, let’s forget about it, now we live in a different life. What’s happening now in Bosnia and what’s happening in many other places…we’re still doing the same thing and again the world just looks on.” Eva Schloss
“one of the most important events I have seen…” 
Damian Todres, Wells Cathedral School
“it was stunning and has left an incredible impression on me. I’ve been to Auschwitz twice and to Anne Frank’s house twice too and yet your production added a new layer of emotion and connection to those unimaginable events.” 
Peter Kyle, MP Hove & Portslade

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