Download the Rondo Theatre Tech Spec Here

Download the ETC Element Quick Start Guide Here



100amp 3 phase



3 LD90s with 24 2kw channels each

House Lights separate analogue dimmer (usually run through channel 72 though)



72 Hardwired circuits on IWBs

ETC Element



19 – 1kw fresnel

4 – 500w fresnel

8 – 1kw PC

2 – 1.2kw profile

10 – 600w profile

4 – 500w profile


10 – 1kw Parcans

12 – Stairville Led Par 64 CX-1 RGB+W 15x3W


Extension Leads

The are various leads of various lengths. They will be in lighting box, in the cupboard outside lighting box or on the rig

Please do not take down lights just because you are not using them. Only do so if they are in the way or you want to move them to another place.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Ian McGlynn at: